When I grow up…..

By , March 4, 2010 12:43 pm

What a complement to inspire those around you.  Rachelle Wyatt, the 13 year old daughter of my design assistant, Kris Wyatt, was asked to do a visual presentation and write a paper on what profession she would like to pursue……. She chose Interior Designer!  Check out her grade A project!

“For my career, I choose to be an Interior Designer.  An Interior Designer does a lot of things.  Some of the things they do include choosing color schemes, choosing furniture, suggesting art pieces, choosing coordinating fabrics, deciding if the room needs remodeling and suggesting slight changes in building structure.  One thing that I think is really cool is that some of the furniture that designers order are custom made.  But, like I said, that’s only a couple of things.  I choose this career because oneI love art, whether it’s painting, drawing or just coloring, and two, my mom works for an Interior Designer and her boss lets me go to work with her sometimes and actually work and I enjoy it a lot.  This career requires a combination of six years of work experience, two years of schooling plus four years of work experience, or four years in an FIDER or organization that teaches certain principles and practices at a very high standard, accredited university or college plus two years of work experience.  an Interior Designer makes and average of $25,000 a year.  I want to live in Tampa, Florida as I become employed.  I want to live in that area because I want to be to The Art Institute of Tampa.”

Rachelle Wyatt

My inspiration for pursuing applied arts as a profession was my extraordinary high school art teacher Carol Eckert. With her positive encouragement, I was introduced to the world of art and architecture. This was a true awakening to a subject where I could actually excel and enjoy! (Unlike my experience with traditional classes)

 We have to keep the arts alive in schools and also be thankful for all those phenomenal teachers (whom are terribly under paid) whom influenced our lives and the children of tomorrow!!!  We will keep you posted on Rachelle’s aspirations!

Elegant Master Bath

By , February 12, 2010 1:27 pm

WOW! Here we go…. My first blog entry!

This classically inspired master bathroom is in a home I designed in Water Color, FL.  The design concept was a traditional New Orleans style with a coastal influence.

I recreated the ancient art form of mosaic design with the use modern materials. I incorporated two different natural stones, the Pebble Stone series by IslandStone and drew a series of interlocking circles as my floor treatment. (This product is available in 12 x12 sheets and the artisan installer executed the design flawlessly, not an easy task.)  The darker color stones were repeated for the floor and ceiling of the shower.  This was the perfect backdrop for the clean Casa Bianca honed marble on the exquisite master shower walls.  The beautiful Rohl Country Bathroom Collection polished nickel faucets I selected, achieved an elegant contrast to the marble.  The graceful style and color of the Cheviot cast iron tub was the ideal choice to repeat the hue of the marble.  Inspired by the color palette of the mosaic, I selected a grey paint color with a darker grey glaze to create the patina for the cabinetry.   By selecting antique mirror doors for the cabinet design, I continued the use of classic elements.  Additionally, the marble countertop and backsplash design repeated this theme. I love the contrasting material of the Oceana  glass sinks that is reminiscent of the beautiful beach glass found on our beaches.  Finally, the more rustic white washed wood walls also combined the coastal element to accomplish our classically coastal inspired master bathroom.


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